"My name is Mic and I was raised by a family of chickens, then.... Wait, that's Buckethead's story. 

I grew up in the 70's and started really getting into bikes when I was about 10. 1974 was the year and kids around the South hill were riding Schwinn Stingray's that were made up to look like motocross motorcycles. Holiday Hills was the first track here in Spokane and started in 1976. 2 years later I started working at a Schwinn shop for the summer and knew my passion for bikes was going to be a lifelong affair. I won an ABA national in single A Pro class in 1983 then got out of racing. Always working on bikes and riding but no racing until after my mom's sudden passing in 1998. I started racing downhill the next year in the WIM series, following that series religiously until it's end and then continuing on at Silver mountain, my favorite place to ride hard to this day! Bikes are in my spirit! The more I ride, the better I feel."

-Mic Woodruff